Adirondack Film Society Board of Directors

Nelson E. Page, President and Chairman

Gary Smith, Vice President and Vice Chairman

John B. Huttlinger, Jr., Treasurer

Fred Balzac, Member-at-Large

Heather Clark, Member-at-Large

Eric Granger, Member-at-Large

Nick Gunn, Member-at-Large

Amy Quinn, Member-at-Large

AFS Staff and Consultants

Kathleen Carroll, Artistic Director

Russell Banks, Artistic Consultant

Dylan Skolnick, Programming Consultant

Courtney Bastian, Administrative Assistant

Adirondack Film Society Board of Directors 2019 – Left to Right: Fred Balzac, Heather Clark, John Huttlinger, Nelson Page, Amy Quinn, Nick Gunn, Eric Granger (not in photo, Gary Smith)

John Huttlinger recognized by AFS Board of Directors for twelve years as Chairman, his vision, heartfelt generosity, professionalism and friendship. Plaque presented by 2019 Chairman, Nelson Page during the February 28, 2019 Board of Directors’ Meeting.  John and Nelson were Co-Founders of the AFS and served since inception as Directors and Officers.