It’s summertime and the screenings are “Easy” at the Strand with encore shows Aug. 12-13 of the crowd-pleasing indie feature shot locally, “The Night We Met.”

SCHROON LAKE, NY—On back-to-back evenings this past August, an independent feature shot in this stunninglylow-res-Sarah&Lorenzo at SchroonLake beautiful resort town—about the kind of unforgettable night shared by two young lovers that we’ve all had or wished we had at least once in our youth—played to packed houses in the historic Strand movie theater in two world-premiere screenings. If you’re a resident of Schroon Lake or the neighboring area and you missed last year’s event of the summer, now’s your chance to catch the movie that delighted local audience members with glimpses of familiar locales as well its contemporary, yet almost old-fashioned tale of young love, “The Night We Met.”

Summertime…and the screenings at the Strand are easy—to paraphrase the great Gershwin song from “Porgy and Bess.” In celebration of this classic 1920s Art Deco movie house’s acquisition last year of digital film-projection equipment, the Adirondack Film Society (AFS), which was the nonprofit conduit for New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) grant funding of the upgrade, is again thrilled to be presenting a series of special screening programs in partnership with the Strand.

The 2017 season opened with a bang on Sunday, July 23rd—an evening of three Charlie Chaplin silent comedy classics accompanied on live piano by Ben Model, Resident Accompanist at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. This truly special, crowd-pleasing event was attended by nearly 100 people, including school-age children—several of whom asked terrific questions in the post-screening Q&A led by Mr. Model.

Next up, on Saturday and Sunday evenings, August 12-13, at 8 p.m., on the Strand’s big (and, as of last year, new) screen are the encore screenings of “The Night We Met,” created by the Albany-area-based filmmaking team (and married couple) of Jon Russell Cring, who directed and co-wrote the script, and Tracy Nichole Cring, who is the film’s other coauthor as well as its director of photography and editor.

bowser_ice_diveThe weekend of August 19-20 will bring two very different programs. On Saturday evening, the 19th, the AFS and Strand will present a 65th-anniversary of the Gene Kelly-Debbie Reynolds-Donald O’Connor classic movie musical, Singin’ in the Rain, hosted in person by film historian and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) contributor Jeremy Arnold, who has highlighted the film in his 2016 TCM tie-in book, The Essentials: 52 Must-See Movies and Why They Matter.

Then on Sunday evening, August 20th, the series will conclude with a screening of the documentary feature Encounters at the End of the World, directed by the great German filmmaker Werner Herzog (whose feature films include Fitzcarraldo and Aguirre, the Wrath of God), introduced by Albany-based research scientist Samuel Bowser (pictured above), who is featured in the film.

All programs in the series will start at 8 p.m. and have an admission price of $10 per person. To learn more about any of these programs, please contact AFS Operations Manager Fred Balzac at (518) 523-3456 or 588-7275 or by e-mail at or visit


Meet the Filmmakers

Introducing North Country filmgoers to filmmakers and other industry professionals—typically, in small, intimate,low-res-JonRussellCring director TheNightWeMet up-close-and-personal settings—is one of the chief calling cards of the Adirondack Film Society, the people who have brought area movie buffs the highly celebrated Lake Placid Film Forum on an annual basis most years since 2000. The “AFS Easy Screening Series at the Strand” is no different.

On both Friday and Saturday, August 12th and 13th, the creative force behind “The Night We Met”—the amazing Crings (with Jon shown on right), who once challenged themselves to make one feature film a month over a 20-month stretch and ended up making a dozen—will be on hand at the Strand to introduce their film and answer questions about the thrills and travails of indy filmmaking in the Adirondack North Country after each screening.


A Real Schroon Lake Story Debuts in August

When producer Stan Denis decided to help make the script of “The Night We Met” a reality, there was one place he thought of as the perfect backdrop. Jon Cring went with Denis to scout Schroon Lake and met Maureen and Robert Diaz, owners of The Adirondack General Store. “The lake and mountains were picturesque, Maureen and Robert were so excited to be involved, and we walked out their front door and saw a phone booth,” Jon recalled with a hearty laugh.

“A phone booth was written into the script and we thought it would be the hardest thing we’d have to find, but there it was,” said Stan Denis.

The store was featured in scenes, and its owners and staff cooked a delicious hot meal for cast and crew daily. The Seagle Music Colony and The Stand Theater make guest appearances along with many other local landmarks. The film was shot in September 2014.

It's a wrap: cast and crew of "The Night We Met" at the end of filming.

It’s a wrap: cast and crew of “The Night We Met” at the end of filming.

Jon and Tracy Cring have made a total of 18 feature films together. The duo wrote the script based on a night Tracy had in her late teens meeting a guy for the first time and driving around having conversations and adventures. “I think everyone has had one of those magic nights where sparks fly and, if they haven’t had one, they wish they had,” said Tracy, who in addition to her role as co-screenwriter, worked as the film’s director of photography and its editor.

The Night We Met” stars Texas-based actor Sarah Joy Byington, who was cast from the very first audition the filmmakers received via video submission in the leading role of Stacey. New York City-based actor Lorenzo Rodriguez plays her love interest, Nick. Rodriquez’s video audition was the last such submission the filmmakers received. Schroon Lake-based actor Haley Beauregard plays best friend Steph.

The Adirondack Film Society is proud to be presenting—in partnership with Larry and Liz McNamara, owner-operators of the very cool and magical Strand Theatre—these encore presentations of “The Night We Met,” especially given that it was shot in Schroon Lake.